well worth it

Life on any given day can be a lot of trouble. And life is well worth any trouble, any challenge that it imposes.

The process of getting things done is messy and inconvenient. The resulting positive difference you make is well worth the inconvenience.

Every good thing in life has a price. But if the price is the only thing you focus on, you miss seeing life’s great value.

For when you are willing to pay the price, what you get is a reward even greater than the price you’ve paid. What you get, what you experience, what you live and create, is well worth all you put into it.

If you avoid the challenges and hide from the difficult tasks, you lose out on the great value that you yourself can create. Choose instead to embrace the price, to willingly pay it, and you’ll find that choice to be well worth it.

Embedded in each challenge, in each difficulty, in every price, is a great reward. Step up, do what you must, and experience for yourself that the richness coming into your world is well worth the price you pay.

— Ralph Marston

our experience need not be differentiated

While everyone experiences this world and society differently,
based on age
Our experience of ourselves
as awareness by awareness
need not be differentiated.
No amount of material wealth
can improve upon it.
No amount of worldly suffering
can detract from it.
it is the unlimited
and unbound knowledge
of your self-manifested existence
that promises your inheritance
as freedom
and bliss.


joyful abandon