being impressive

You don’t have to act impressive to be impressive. You just have to be you.

And in any case, being impressive is not what matters. What matters is living the life you choose, and finding true fulfillment in doing so.

If you’re constantly worried about how you appear to others, you won’t appear in a very good light. It’s ridiculously easy to let go of that worry when you remind yourself how useless and counterproductive it really is.

Give yourself permission to enjoy the moment you’re in. Challenge yourself to share that joy, and wonder, and love, and enthusiasm, with as many people as possible, in your own special way.

What other people think of you, or of anything else, is their business. Your business is to give rich expression to the unique beauty of life that is within you.

Go beyond striving to appear this way or that. Put your thoughts, energy and passion into authentic living, and add real joy and substance to every moment.

— Ralph Marston