The Skeptic’s Guide to Meditation

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ABC News anchor, Dan Harris, had a panic attack on live TV back in 2004. What was the most embarrassing moment of his life also prompted a major lifestyle change.

At one stage, Dan was a serious skeptic on all things “new-agey,”. However, the newsman is now one of the biggest advocators of the scientifically proven benefits of meditation for mental and physical well-being.

Dan Harris and the folks at Happify put together this playful tutorial for all you meditation cynics out there, so that you too can become at least 10% happier in your life!

meditation infographic

Literally, just 5 minutes per day is all it takes to begin. Why not start today? 🙂

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find ways to maintain

“When you practice sitting meditation in the temple and you hear the bomb victims crying outside, you have to go out and help, because to meditate is to be aware of what is going on in yourself and also around you. In a situation of war, you have to be engaged to be true to your tradition of compassion and love. But if you are so busy doing the work of relief, you may lose your practice and you will be exhausted. You’ll be burnt out. That is why you have to find ways to maintain your practice, maintain your solidity, your freedom, your peace while you are doing the work. Nonviolent action is an expression of your love. Society has so many social ills as a result of development and globalization. If you have true love, you see what you can do to transform the problems of drugs, alcohol, violence, and the breaking up of families. There are so many, many ways for you to express your love.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

maintain your love

“Love those who manipulate and use you. Love those who take advantage of you. Love those with malice in their heart. Maintain your love day after day after day, without interruption. If you can love those you are wary of, those who frighten you, those who upset you, and those who threaten you, you will be so free you will not believe you could have known such freedom in this lifetime.”

D.R. Butler