Buddhism summarized



Buddhism Summarized

I’ve posted this before but I thought it might be helpful to some of the new people if I posted it again. Sam.


Sila: Virtue, good conduct, morality.

Samadhi: Concentration, meditation, mental development. Developing one’s mind is the path to wisdom which in turn leads to personal freedom. Mental development also strengthens and controls our mind; this helps us maintain good conduct.

Prajna: Discernment, insight, wisdom, enlightenment. This is the real heart of Buddhism. Wisdom will emerge if your mind is pure and calm.


Dukkha: Suffering exists:(Suffering is real and almost universal. Suffering has many causes: loss, sickness, pain, failure, the impermanence of pleasure.)

Samudaya: There is a cause for suffering.(It is the desire to have and control things. It can take many forms: craving of sensual pleasures; the desire for fame; the desire to avoid unpleasant sensations, like fear, anger or jealousy.)

Nirodha: There is an end to suffering. (Suffering ceases with the final liberation of Nirvana (a.k.a. Nibbana). The mind experiences complete freedom, liberation and non-attachment. It lets go of any desire or craving.)

Magga: In order to end suffering, you must follow the Eightfold Path.


Panna: Discernment, wisdom:

1) Samma ditthi: Right Understanding of the Four Noble Truths

2) Samma sankappa: Right thinking; following the right path in life
Sila: Virtue, morality:

3) Samma vaca: Right speech: no lying, criticism, condemning, gossip, harsh language

4) Samma kammanta Right conduct by following the Five Precepts

5) Samma ajiva: Right livelihood; support yourself without harming others
Samadhi: Concentration, meditation:

6) Samma vayama Right Effort: promote good thoughts; conquer evil thoughts

7) Samma sati Right Mindfulness: Become aware of your body, mind and feelings

8) Samma samadhi Right Concentration: Meditate to achieve a higher state of consciousness

The Five Precepts:

Do not kill.

Do not steal.

Do not lie.

Do not misuse sex.

Do not consume alcohol or other drugs.

Remember Buddhism does not command.

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