gifts of all types

“Gifts of all types are exchanged during the holiday season—store-bought presents, homemade creations, and offerings of time and service. As I prepare what I want to bestow and plan to whom I want to give, the spirit of generosity arises within. This is the greatest present: What appears to be giving is also a process of receiving.

I experience generosity again when others share their genuine gifts with me, and I accept them with an open heart. The abundance of the Universe works through this principle of giving and receiving, known as the Law of Circulation. I participate in it through gracious giving and receiving, and I am blessed with abundance and inner joy.”

– Daily Word


The Life of the Spirit

The Life of the Spirit

You hear it all the time. “I’m hollow inside” “I’ve tried alcohol, drugs, sex, thrill seeking and still I am empty”. Pleasure is always temporary. Pleasure always wants more. What can we do when the emptiness in our hearts leaves us alone in the midst of a crowd? What can make this gnawing hole in our midsection go away?

The answer is the life of the spirit.

What does this mean? Must you become religious? Go to church or temple? Read scripture? Pray? Meditate? Fast? What if we don’t believe in religion? What if we don’t believe in God? What then?

The life of the spirit requires none of these things. However, religion, prayer, meditation and study can help some but none of these things, in and of itself will fill the hole in your heart.

It takes something more.

It takes turning ones heart outward toward others. Self centeredness is the source of this emptiness. Self centeredness is not selfishness. Selfishness is wanting more than your share of the pie. Self centeredness is not caring if anybody else gets pie. Turn outward. Make a conscious effort to be kind, generous, accepting and compassionate. Every single day in every single interaction you have with people be they coworkers, family, store clerks or just strangers on the street.

This is why people “feel good” around Christmas. Christmas makes people compassionate and kind. Christmas is about giving. This is the “Christmas Spirit”. The natural result of this is harmony and joy. When we are kind, generous and compassionate the world opens her arms to us. We radiate positive energy which is then radiated back to us. Doors open. People smile. Friends are made. Such people are the kinds of people that other people want to be around.

This is not hard. It requires patient practice at first but then it becomes second nature to us. This then is the life of the spirit.