“Just as Mary joyfully expected the arrival of Jesus, I await the rebirth of the Christ in me with great anticipation. This rebirth quickens my desire to share my unique gifts with the world—gifts of love, harmony, and peace inspired by Spirit.

Through his example and message, Jesus showed us how to have a deep and meaningful relationship with God. He taught us to honor our own divinity—the Christ in each of us. I celebrate the birth of Jesus and the rebirth of the Christ within me by giving and receiving from a heart full of joy.

I also celebrate the divine potential within every person. With our gifts, we all contribute to the consciousness of love Jesus Christ brought to the world.”

Daily Word


it’s Christmas!


“It’s Christmas! Joy and excitement fill the air. I have gifts to open and to share. I open the gift of peace. I have peace of mind and heart because I am one with God. I share it with the world through acts of kindness and prayers for harmony among all.

I open the gift of joy. I rejoice in the birth of the Christ within me. My realization of the kingdom of God within fills me with appreciation for the happiness of this season and of every day. I open the gift of hope. I expect good to come to me and to those I love. Good is available this very moment.

I open the gift of love. Love is unconditional good. It allows me to see the best in others and to be kind and compassionate to all. Thank you, God, for the gifts of Christmas”

– Daily Word


“In winter, when natural light is in shortest supply, many faith traditions celebrate holidays with…”


“In winter, when natural light is in shortest supply, many faith traditions celebrate holidays with lights. Each festival portrays faith as our comfort in darkness. As varied as the celebrations may be, regardless of their names and descriptions, they all recognize the One Light that illumines the whole Universe.

We are all sparks of the One Light. By seeing the same Light in each of us, we dissolve the darkness of separation. As we acknowledge we are all rays of the same Light, all barriers are removed. We see everyone in the image and likeness of God.

By living in unity and letting our lights shine, we dispel the darkness of fear, ignorance, and lack. Nothing is stronger than the Light of God that shines in all of us.”

– Daily Word