ego identification

The one we think we are but are not or the false sense of self created within thought. This identification is the cause of most suffering on the planet but has been a great tool up to this point.

First, to expand on the identification of ourselves with our ego. It is a derived sense of self that identifies itself most often with external things. It creates an identity out of things like relationships, talents we may have,  our physical appearance, our possessions, our emotions, our accomplishments and the work we do, our family structure, our belief systems  and even our knowledge and education.  But as many can see, these things are not YOU. They are not a real part of you, simply an aspect or role you have taken on within the experience. While none of these things are bad in any way, and none of them need to be abolished or rid, they simply are not YOU. But identifying with them and making them you, creates this false sense of self hiding the real you and creating suffering.

Why do we fill ourselves with this external things all of the time? Simple, because we are identified with the ego, this false sense of self, we are never truly in a knowing or at peace with our true selves -the one thing that does not require anything, is at peace with itself and all that is. The ego is in constant need, it operates out of finding lack within it self and filling it with more things to identify with only to finally say “that’s not it either, I need more” The ego has created a bottomless hole of lack within each of us and until we no longer identify with it we will always be filling it and trying to find happiness with external things.

To allow all of these pieces of our identity to dissolve as US, is to dis empower the ego and to then truly find the self. Only when we begin to find the self do we no longer need to suffer. Allowing our defenses down for a moment, How many times have we noticed ourselves doing something to impress another? How about talking about what we are good at or have accomplished when around groups of people in order to qualify ourselves? How about buying things when we feel sad or when we feel it will make us feel or look a certain way?

All of this comes from ego and not our true selves. If you are able to observe this, you have realized in itself that you are the observer or the ego. There is more to you then simply those limited thoughts. Now it is time to dis empower them and let them go.


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