honor and apply the opportunity


awesomepus said 

Hi yogi. I recently restarted my meditation practice, and I am already feeling a lot of feelings and thoughts becoming unearthed, and it’s all very intense, but I think it’s for a good purpose. I know I have started and stopped meditating before, possibly because of this intense stage/ What can I do to insure that I will stick with the practice no matter how intense it gets? Hope this was clear. Thanks a lot.

Adopt a “do or die” mentality with respect to your meditation practice. Do not ask yourself whether you wish to keep meditating; just keep meditating. 

If you have any aspect of a faith or devotion practice, that can help too. Prayer can be very empowering and inspiring. If you have a guru or teacher, surrendering to their grace can help to cool you down. But regardless, do not judge your practice. Just experience it and remain committed to it. 

Despite being intense and difficult, this is a very healthy and significant stage in your practice. It is the kind of thing that precedes breakthrough. 

Remember: this human incarnation is a precious opportunity. No other creature on this planet has both a mind and circumstance in which they can set aside animal instincts of survival and simply sit in awareness. What you are doing is honoring and applying the opportunity you have been given, nothing less. 

Take heart. You walk with the blessings of eternity. 

joyful abandon


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