look for happiness in the right place

“Happiness has to be deeper than what is experiences by human senses. There is something completely fulfilling that does not depend on anything in order to be experienced. Knowledge of the truth of your own existence is completely fulfilling. We call it Existence/Consciousness/Bliss. It is never at any time dependent on an outside factor to be experienced. 

If one is wise, one won’t have to enjoy and suffer every single sensual object before deciding to look deeper. Is there any sensual pleasure that is ultimately fulfilling? Give yourself a break and get the point before you become cynical and defeated by the delusions of your own mind. There is no time to waste. Look for happiness in the right place. Get perfectly clear about where happiness really is.”


love is our nature

“If there are no barriers, love will show itself. It is not necessary to persuade it or to guide it. Every man would be filled with love if it weren’t for the barriers of false culture and of degrading and harmful traditions. Nothing can stifle love. Love is inevitable. Love is our nature.”