in consciousness

“Holding images of heaven as a place in the clouds may keep me from claiming the heaven available to me right now. With my mind at peace and my thoughts on Spirit, I experience heaven in my consciousness.

I do not earn a place in heaven by doing good deeds, although doing what is loving and kind is part of my spiritual path. I find heaven as I grow in self-awareness, think clearly, and maintain a positive attitude. I surrender any sense of separation and experience heaven as Oneness.

Moment by moment, Spirit reveals more of heaven to me. My human life is a vehicle for loving-kindness, and I experience heaven here on earth.”

Daily Word



“Forgiveness has nothing whatsoever to do with how wrong someone else was; no matter how evil, cruel, narcissistic or unrepentant they are, when you forgive a person, you break the unhealthy bonds between you and your abuser-victim relationship, and you redefine yourself as an independent victor in your own life.”

Bryant McGill