The Quest

Better Endings for Your Life Path


Because your life is mythically storied, you are on a grand heroic Quest. What is your Quest? Do you know? Has it shifted over time or is there one Lifetime Quest you came here to Earth to fulfill?  For some it may be related to parenting; for others it is realizing their talents, contributing to knowledge, or realizing spiritual goals.  Let’s start by exploring what a Quest is or can be by reflecting on some mythic  and historical Quests.


Jason and the Golden Fleece is a Greek myth all about The Quest. In order to take his prophesized place as King of Thessaly, Jason is sent on a quest by Zeus and Hera to obtain a golden fleece, with Hercules and other fine crewmates, but also with a saboteur aboard the famous ship, the Argo. After facing many tests and obstacles, Jason demonstrates resolve, loyalty to the gods, and virtue…

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What is Self? part two

the Hunt for Truth

Part Two on Self-Esteem



The practice of living consciously is the first pillar of self-esteem. 


Look at the area where your life is working least satisfactorily. Self-esteem may increase in direct correlation to professionalism.  That is, your ability to represent yourself appropriately, perform on the job and be a person with whom others can relate, is an indication of success in whatever you choose to do.

Upon honest self-examination, notice that you tend to be more conscious in some areas of our life than in others. According to Nathaniel Brandon, author of The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, “What determines the level of self-esteem is what the individual does.”

Branden continues by saying: “A ‘practice’ implies a discipline of acting in a certain way over and over again—consistently. It is not action by fits and starts, or even an appropriate response to a crisis. Rather, it is a way of operating day by day, in big…

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The struggles of parenting

Youth Of A Nation:Bent not Broke


Parenting is one of the most challenging, yet meaningful life tasks. Unfortunately, popular wisdom and misconceptions about how to raise responsible kids can lead to ineffective communication and power struggles. Try  to avoid ineffective ways of communicating that lead to noncompliance and power struggles, or damage self-esteem. 

When parents go on and on, kids tune them out.  It is not necessary to tell the child all of the information at once. Rather, break it up into separate steps to be more digestible. Let the kid express his/her overall preference first, before bringing up all the obstacles.Many parents feel out of control and try desperately to control a situation by nagging or criticizing. The problem with nagging is that you are actually training kids to ignore you because they know there will be more reminders down the road. While very young kids, may need more assistance and instruction, effective parents allow the kids to take increasing responsibility…

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Wisdom from Einstein

Youth Of A Nation:Bent not Broke



A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.

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Above Illusion

This post is for all of you who are presently in a phase of life that is filled with Change. For some of you (as with me) you do not understand what that Change is, yet you feel it and you know that Change, without a doubt, is upon you. Know you are not alone, and together, we will get through this Change, coming out the other side, stronger, wiser, and with more growth added to who we define as “us”. May you all BE Blessed, have Peace within your Soul, and with Love oh so tenderly, embracing your Heart. With Love, Amy


Change has come to BE.
What it is
we have yet to see.

Photography/ Writing / “Change” 2014©AmyRose

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